What is Anzac?

Anzac is a abbreviation of “Australian and New Zealand Army Corps” in English. All of the world use Anzac term for the soldiers who war on 1. World War in British Empires Army from Australia and New Zealand.

This Army wared against Turkish in Canakkale. Not only in Canakkale, but also Anzac soldiers wared against the Turkish Army in Sina-Palestine. They could not win the war in Canakkale but they won the war in Palestine.

There are many information and memories belong to Anzacs. If you visit Canakkale, you can heart Anzac many times. In 1. World War the famous commander of Anzac war William Riddell Birdwood.

What does mean “Anzac (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps)” in Maori Language?

Maori is the language of New Zealand. The many people speak English in this country but also the other main language is Maori. Anzac means “Te Komihana Taua o Ahitereiria me Aotearoa” in Maori.

Anzac Day

Every year, many Tourist from Australia and New Zealand visit Turkey for Anzac Day. Every 25 April is accepted as Anzac Day. Anzac Day is a national day to commemorate the soldiers and civilians who fought and died in wars and conflicts on behalf of Australia and New Zealand. This day is not a celebrate. It is a commemoration. The people from Australia and New Zealand visit Canakkale and commemorate the dead Anzac soldiers in Canakkale on 1. World War.

Anzac Day Tours

The Turkish people help to Australian people to visit Anzac Soldiers’ Graveyard in Canakkale. They provide many Tours. They show and inform about 1. World War in this area.
Visit our Anzac Day Tours for all of the Tours.

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