Where is Gallipoli

Gallipoli is located west of Canakkale where is located west of the Turkey. It is in European side of Turkey. That is a half island. The name is Gallipoli. It calls in Turkish “Gelibolu“.

Transportation in Gallipoli

We cannot say that the transportation is developed in Gallipoli. There is no Metro, Train, big Bus line or airport too. There is only road from Edirne/Kesan and Tekirdag/Sarkoy. If you have a private car, you go to Gallipoli with this vehicle from Istanbul, Tekidag or Edirne. From the Canakkale city center you can also drive. There is a bridge too. This bridge has been built in soon years.

You can also ship from the Canakkale city center to Ecebat. Ecebat is located in Gallipoli. If you need a transportation option, the best option is VIP transfer. You find a transfer from airport or Canakkale city center. It is also possible to find a VIP transfer agency from Izmir or Istanbul to Gallipoli too.

Gallipoli Tours

As you know, a big war war in Gallipoli. When we say Gallipoli, many people remind Anzac term. For many years the Anzac soldiers wared with British soldiers again to Ottoman – Turkish soldiers in this land. Many Anzac soldier’s death. Because of this many people recommerce every April as an Anzac Day. Also, many tourists from Australia and New Zealand visit Canakkale and this half island for Anzacs. So, many turkish and australien travel agency started special Anzac day tours in this city.

When you check any tours in Canakkale, you can find a lot of tours. You can choose and join them. The island is so big and you should know where you visit. Because of this the best options are joining to a tour.

We would like to share with you our special Anzac Day Tours:

Anzac Day Tours in Gallipoli

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  3. 7 Day – Anzac day, Troy and pergamon, pamukkale, ephesus Tours
  4. 5 Day Anzac Tour Alpha
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